Crotha: a quiet, forested continent away from squabbling and feuding kingdoms and empires. A few individual city-states along the coasts form a loose union based on mutual defense, but tend to keep themselves and leave each other and the center of the land alone. A sanctuary for those who want to be left alone and make their own life.

A mountain range in a half circle resides in the western part of the center, as well as plentiful lakes and rivers provide life for all sorts of creatures. There are 5 city-states, one on the northwest coast closest to the other known lands (Barricade), three along the east coast (Redcliffe, Liberty and New Denerim), and one on the southern coast (Amberdale). These cities are at most 300 years old, but people have been living there for hundreds more, the continent was discovered close to 700 years ago, though most left when no rare resources were found.

Crotha appears to not have major resources or traces of older civilizations, meaning it's been left virtually untouched by the world's inhabitiants as a whole. But recently, there's been an increase in traffic to to the continent and it's center by treasure hunters and explorers. Rumors have started floating around of an ancient treasure that can shift into whatever who finds it wants, be it weaponry, wealth, knowledge, or whatever the finder can dream of.

Not all of the fortune seekers are your friendly garden variety, though. While the wilds of Crotha has always been a hiding place for criminals wanting to run from the law, there have been agents of seedier organizations searching for this supposed 'Mother Lode.' This has made travel through the center of Crotha considerably more dangerous, as there are operatives as well as wanted criminals who will rob and even murder travelers to sustain themselves in a greedy hunt for riches or being a general buttface to society.

Most evildoers and travelers tend to avoid the locals of the Wilds, made up of barbarian tribes. While they occasionally get stirred up to war by an upstart against each other, they are generally passive and want their privacy and customs respected. Most are descendants of the original explorers, though a few are also marauding orc tribes, and only one, peaceful, full half-orc tribe (Lok'tar), which has been that way for about 500 years.

There is a secretive druidic circle known to many as the Keepers, who people generally don't see or hear from unless there is a 

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